• Safe
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
Simplicity, safety, reliability and performance - those were our design goals when we engineered SuperBlast® Portables. Many years on tough jobs, such as removing corrosion, preparing surfaces for coating and maintaining heavy equipment, have proved that SuperBlast Portables deliver unmatched performance and exceptional value.

A look at the features highlighted above will show you that SuperBlast Portables are made of the "right stuff". These rugged systems are the product of ingenuity and experience; they combine a host of standard features designed to boost productivity and profits. In addition, they can be ordered in a variety of configurations, including your choice of pneumatic or electric remote controls, a complete OSHA package and a full line of accessories.

SuperBlast makes short work of big projects; and performs small jobs in a snap. For the best blasting results, nothing beats SuperBlast.

We offer a complete line of accessories to optimize safety and efficiency.
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Item #

Pressure Vessel Construction

Grit Capacity

Tank Diameter

Filling Height


350 N/A ASME N/A 3.5 ft³ N/A 18 Inch N/A 44 Inch N/A 250 lbs
650 N/A ASME N/A 6.5 ft³ N/A 24 Inch N/A 50 Inch N/A 415 lbs
1050 N/A ASME N/A 10.5 ft³ N/A 30 Inch N/A 58 Inch N/A 750 lbs
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