Toughest & Most Comfortable

The RPB® NOVA 2000™ has been tested and approved to Respiratory Protection standards worldwide including NIOSH, CE and AS/NZS. The NOVA 2000™ has been designed specifically for blasting, by blasting experts. RPB® has incorporated over 100 years of combined blasting experience for improved operator comfort and performance.
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Safety Above All Else

N/A The high standards required of modern work environments make onsite health and safety a priority. Aside from the obvious injuries to valued people, there are the potential costs of business interruption, non-compliance, and the risk to company reputation to be considered. The NOVA 2000™ Advanced Abrasive Blasting Helmet mimimizes the risk to your people, and your business.

When blasting, protection from debris is the number one safety concern. The NOVA 2000™ has a super-tough shell of high-density polyethylene, which is U.V. stabilized and abrasion resistant. Two types of capes are available to suit working conditions; lightweight nylon (also available in XL) and rugged, durable leather. Eight purpose-designed domes ensures capes remain secured and in position.

And it's built to last even in the most extreme blasting conditions.

Comfortable Kit - Clear Thinking

N/A A comfortable respirator system dramatically reduces worker fatigue and increases productivity. The NOVA 2000™ is the most comfortable blasting helmet available. Lightweight pillow foam padding provides maximum comfort and reduces outside noise t

Fit and Save System

N/A The NV2017 Tear off Lenses system is a unique "FIT AND SAVE™" system of pre-folded tabs. This means workers can quickly tear off just one, layered, lens at a time. Contractors have reported a time saving of over 45 minutes a day per blaster using the RPB "FIT AND SAVE™" system, and a resulting increase in productivity.


N/A The RPB® NOVA 2000™ must be supplied with clean, breathable air BS 4275, ENI2021, AS1715, GRADE D or better at all times. This respirator does not filter or purify air and is not approved for use in atmospheres dangerous to life or health from which the wearer cannot escape without the use of this respirator. Failure to use NOVA 2000™ approved components and replacement parts voids any approvals of the entire respirator assembly. Failure to use approved parts may cause injury or death. RPB® Ltd is not liable for injury or death because of use or misuse of the NOVA 2000.™ Do not use Silica Sand, the use of Silica Sand can cause serious respiratory disease or death refer: RPB® is not liable for injury or death because of the use or misuse of the RPB® Radex Airline Filter™. The Radex Airline Filter™ does not remove carbon monoxide, a carbon monoxide alarm must be used at all times. Do not use the Radex Airline Filter™ until you have read all instructions and warnings provided with the unit.