If one of our pre-engineered (PEB) or standard package blast rooms is just not right for you, we will custom engineer a field erected blasting facility to meet your unique production and dimensional requirements.  With over 75 years experience manufacturing blast systems, you can be assured Empire will provide a balanced system with no compatibility problems.

With an Empire blast room, you can select from a range of field proven components for ventilation, media recovery, reclamation, media delivery and safety equipment.  Additionally we offer a complete range of accessories and options designed to maximize productivity within different working environments.

After your custom blasting facility is operational, you can count on Empire for everything that’s needed to maintain your system at peak efficiency.

Unit of Measure

Field Erected Blast Room Media Recovery Systems

Field Erected Blast Room Media Recovery Systems

Field Erected Blast Room Dust Collector Systems

Field Erected Blast Room Dust Collector Systems

Environmentally Safe

Environmentally Safe

N/A Air-blasting eliminates many of the environmental problems and costs associated with chemical stripping because you don't have to manage or dispose of hazardous liquids.

An Empire blast room provides even greater potential for improving safety and reducing operating costs when you're cleaning, finishing or surface-profiling large workpieces. With the process contained in a specially designed enclosure, blast media and debris are isolated from the external environment. And the operator, equipped with Empire safety gear, is fully protected.

Enclosure Configuration


Reclamation Floor Designs


Standard Options


Optional Features

Optional Features

N/A Overhead Material Handling
Monorail cranes and overhead bridge cranes with manual or tractor-driven trolleys can be designed as a material handling device in a blast room.

Brush Seal Assembly
Brush seals provide and abrasive tight seal around chain from the overhead material handling hoist. Assembly includes guide rails to center the hoist chain and adjustment bolts for the brushes.

Paint Filter Bank Assembly
Assembly includes filter housing, filter elements, fan, pressure differential gauge, exhaust stack and weather cap. A combination blast and prime facility includes 10-gauge steel door to protect the filters during the blast operation.

Work Car Assembly
We offer a wide range of sizes and load capacities in work cars. The cars can be manually or pneumatically driven.

Side-Entry Door Assembly
Side-entry sliding doors can provide a material handling solution in tight work spaces or work flow directional changes.

Rubber Roll-Up Door
The powered rubber door is constructed of 3-ply neoprene. The pre-assembled door is ideal for tight work spaces.

Dust Collectors
High efficiency cartridge dust collectors provides a cleaning efficiency of 99.999% down to a particle size of .5 micron. These collectors meet the stringent guidelines set on particle emissions.