Gentle on Work Surfaces and Compatible with Your Pressure Vessel

Empire SafeStrip™ cabinets contain the blast process during the cleaning and stripping of delicate surfaces. They are designed to work in conjunction with our SafeStrip portables as well as other pots capable of delivering fine media.

With a SafeStrip system, you can quickly and safely remove old coatings, dirt, oil, corrosion and other unwanted residues from soft metals, rubber, plastics and other sensitive surfaces. SafeStrip is ideal for work on tools, machine parts and molds, and in many other applications requiring a "light touch". SafeStrip systems assure even flow of light media by creating a differential between the pressure vessel and blast pressure. This pressure differential, which can be adjusted precisely with a manual valve, prevents bridging and produces consistent feed rates.

When used with non-toxic abrasives, such as bicarbonate of soda, SafeStrip systems are environmentally safe, as long as materials being removed from the work surface are also non-toxic.

Other Sizes available.
Unit of Measure


Interior Dimensions (D x W x H)

N/A 26 x 36 x 30 Inch

Overall Dimensions (D x W x H)

N/A 28 x 42 x 70 Inch

Door Opening Height

N/A 22 Inch

Door Opening Width

N/A 20 Inch

Number of Doors

N/A 1 Standard

Blast Hose

N/A 1/2 ID x 10 ft.


N/A 3/16 ceramic

Dust Collector

N/A DCM-200/1-1/2 hp


SafeStrip™ Cabinet Features

N/A Media diffuser minimizes carry over of bicarbonate of soda into dust collector.

Self-adjusting door latch assures continued tight sealing as gasket ages.

Rigid, double panel door delivers extended service life and reduces leakage; flush construction eliminates media spills.

Kleensweep™ system directs airflow across window to prevent dust buildup and improve visibility.

Large safety-glass window is designed for greater visibility and quick, easy replacement.

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Media diffuser with stand and drum lid
  • Foot-treadle control
  • 6" x 15' conveying hose
  • 8" x 15' dust hose
  • 14-gauge construction
  • Rubber cloth lined gloves
  • Two 90-watt flood lights
  • Safety glass with quick-change frame
  • Perforated floor with 1,000-lb capacity
  • Patented OSHA door switch