• Economical Systems for Light-Duty Stripping, Cleaning and Finishing
Empire's inexpensive Econo-Finish® blast cabinets feature a unique front-access door to simplify loading of parts, save floor space and speed finishing operations.

Designed for light-to-medium cleaning and surface finishing jobs, these economical cabinets combine sturdy, 14-gauge steel construction with the features you need to perform a wide range of finishing tasks. All Econo-Finish cabinets are equipped with a foot-treadle blast control for ease of operation, an external media regulation device, quick-change safety glass and a dust-collection system.

In addition, you can select from upgraded features such as production-quality blast guns, a pressure regulator with gauge, long-life blast nozzles and a high capacity dust collector that extends operating intervals between clean-outs. Our DC-16 and DC-30 dust collectors feature a cartridge filter with 16-gallon and 30-gallon dust capacities and built-in silencers.

Econo-Finish cabinets are available in two basic configurations: models with two-piece, swing-down and flip-up doors for maximum interior access and an even more economical unit with a swing-down door only. Models with two-piece doors can be specified with a standard upgrade package designed to extend usage and maximize production.

Partial listing of options available for all models: OSHA Safety door switch, Safety matting, Special electricals, Pressure regulator, Air gauge, Di-Carb™ and Boron nozzles.
Unit of Measure


Model Number

N/A EF-2430B

Overall Dimensions, Cabinet (D x W x H)

N/A 24 x 30 x 65 Inch

Interior Dimensions (D x W x H)

N/A 24 x 30 x 23 Inch

Door Opening Width

N/A 29 Inch

Door Opening Height

N/A 14 Inch

Door Type

N/A Single


N/A 215 lbs


N/A Basic Unit

Cabinet Construction

N/A Heavy, 14-gauge steel

Floor Capacity

N/A 200 lbs


N/A Rubber, Cloth Lined, 8" diameter

Blasting System

N/A Suction, Foot Treadle

Piping String

N/A 3/8 Inch

Nozzle Material

N/A Ceramic

Media Regulator


Blast Gun

N/A MH-4

Pressure Regulation/Gauge

N/A Option

Window Safety Glass

N/A 14 x 22 with quick-change frame


N/A Floodlight. 90 watts

Dust Collector

N/A DC-16 (16 gal.)

Filter Area

N/A 22 ft²

Collector Diameter

N/A 16 Inch

Collector Height

N/A 22 Inch

Fan Silencer/dBA

N/A Standard/85


N/A 0.98 hp


N/A 133 CFM

Electrical System

N/A 115V, 50-60 Hz, Single Phase



Starter Systems

Starter Systems

N/A Empire's model EF-2430B blast cabinet provides an great opportunity for first-time blast-finishers to appreciate the capabilities of abrasive blasting.

The basic design of this cabinet is the same as other Econo-Finish models, but to further reduce costs, a single drop-down door is used.



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