• Batch Finish Parts up to 24" Long
  • Process 400 Pounds per Cycle
  • Deliver Consistent, On-Spec Results
Empire's Continuous-Belt Air Blasters process multiple parts with the speed and economy of our Basket Blasters while expanding the envelope of tumble blasting from nuts and bolts to heavier work pieces.

Our CB-3.5 machines, available with either pressure or suction blast systems, automate cleaning, peening, deburring, profiling, finishing and many other surface conditioning tasks. Plus, they handle a vast range of parts formed from casting and injection molding, as well as the molds used to produce the parts. Often, no other finishing method can compare to these heavy-duty production machines in terms of speed and quality results.

Operation is simple: Load parts onto a rugged perforated belt, set the precision timer, and the CB-3.5 does the rest. By tumbling parts within multiple abrasive blast streams, these machines deliver consistent results automatically.

Two models are available: a CB-3.5-S suction system and our more aggressive CB-3.5-P pressure unit, normally preferred in shot peening and other high intensity applications. Both machines have a part-load capacity of 400 pounds.

Empire's Continuous-Belt Air Blasters process parts of varying shapes, sizes and weights automatically.

Empire's Continuous-Belt Blasters unload parts with the push of a button. Once processing is complete, the operator opens the door, pushes the "reverse" button and the barrel rotates in the opposite direction to feed work pieces into a post-processing bin.
Unit of Measure


Dimensions (D x W x H) Total CB System Volume

N/A 195 x 170 x 140 Inch

Dimensions (D x W x H) CB Air-Blast Enclosure, Exterior

N/A 59 x 42-1/2 x 104 Inch

Dimensions (D x W x H) Reclaim System, Exterior

N/A 62 x 62 x 108 Inch

Dimensions (D x W x H) Dust Collector, Exterior

N/A 35 x 40 x 116 Inch

CB Part Loading Door (W x H)

N/A 29 x 24 Inch

Barrel Heads Construction

N/A 4 gauge steel

Belt Construction

N/A 1/2" reinforced rubber

Blast Enclosure Construction

N/A 4 & 6 gauge steel

Dust Collector Construction

N/A 14 gauge

Reclaimer Construction

N/A 11 gauge

Abrasive Charge Capacities

N/A 600 lbs

Dust Collector, Air flow at 11" S. P. Capacities

N/A 1200 CFM

Dust Collector, Filtration Area Capacities

N/A 452 ft²

Dust Collector, Discharge Drum Capacities

N/A 16 gal

Reclaimer Capacities

N/A 1200 CFM

Work Mill Capacity

N/A 400 lbs3-1/2 ft³

Blast Nozzles/Guns Quantity

N/A 3 pressure nozzles

Blast Nozzles/Guns Size

N/A 5/16" short venturi

Blast Nozzles/Guns Material

N/A Boron

Blast Nozzles/Guns Pipe string

N/A 1 Inch

Electricals Primary Supply

N/A 460V/60Hz/3-phase


Continuous Belt Air Blaster Features

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Automatic pulse cleaning of cartridge dust-collection filters
  • NEMA 12 enclosure housing Allen Bradley processor and electrical components
  • Nozzle oscillator
  • Rubber lined loading door with LED safety system
  • Precision timer
  • External barrel-head adjustments
  • Tunable media reclaimer with Ultrawear lining and externally replaceable wear plates
  • System sound dampener
  • Safety interlocks on access doors
  • Rake-off system for extended belt life



One-year limited on parts

Empire Air-Blast Products
  • A complete range of cabinets
  • Robotic, turntable and in-line automation
  • Blast rooms and blast booths
  • Portable blasters
  • A full line of parts and accessories

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