• Empire Robotic Systems

    At Empire we begin with building the finest blast and recovery systems and integrate robots to them. Since 1987 Empire Abrasive Equipment has successfully integrated commercially available robots into a variety of pre-engineered robotic blast cells, customized robotic blast systems and robotic blast rooms. Our goal is to consistently deliver customers with robot blasting technologies that enable efficient, quiet and clean robotic blasting solutions for surface preparation and peening applications.

  • Rotary Heads

    Empire has designed and produced hundreds of automated systems, ranging in sophistication from standard automation to advanced robotic nozzle, part manipulation and part handling. Our customers report productivity gains between 100 and 700 percent.

  • Blast Rooms

    If one of our standard blast rooms isn’t just right for your application, we will custom-engineer an enclosed
    blasting facility to meet your unique production and dimensional requirements. With all components engineered and built to work together, we provide balanced systems with no compatibility problems.

    After your pre-engineered or custom-engineered blasting facility is operational, you can count on Empire for everything that’s needed to maintain the system at peak efficiency.

    Empire Blast Rooms are available with a full range of field-proven components.

    With an Empire blast room, you can select from a range of proven components for media recovery and reclamation. Additionally, we offer a complete range of accessories and options designed to maximize productivity within different working environments.

  • Modified Blast Cabinets

    Empire's Modified Pro-Finish® Cabinets... an economical approach to specialized finishing and surface preparation.

    If your application is highly specialized, you can take advantage of the benefits of a Pro-Finish system. We can economically tailor a cabinet to meet your specific needs and reduce lead times over custom engineered purpose-built equipment.

    Empire Modified Pro-Finish® Cabinets are re-engineered to meet individual work piece and process requirements.

    If you are confronted with a unique application or want to accelerate production rates through partial automation, Empire can meet your needs. Empire has created hundreds of modified cabinets to satisfy focused customer needs in a wide range of industries.


    With an off-the-shelf Pro-Finish cabinet, you get a tunable media reclaimer, a dust collection system, your choice of pressure or suction powered blast, and many other standard features. In addition, you can select from a wide range of in-stock factory options to meet your particular finishing requirements. If you need a powered or manual turntable, gun oscillation, additional blast guns, timer packages, special electrical, extended wear components or a vertical door, we can provide this equipment and other options without custom modifications.

  • Portables 780 controls

    Empire has the deepest portable line-up in the industry.

    Empire manufactures a full line of portable blasters, ranging from "do-it-yourself" suction blasters up to our contractor grade SuperBlast® pressure machines, designed to strip structures and large work-pieces at high removal rates. Backed By The Best Warranty In The Industry: Three Years Limited!

  • Dust Collectors

    The economic advantages of reusable media are enormous. A key feature of a recovery system is the reclaimer's ability to separate unusable dust from good media. This improves visibility in the blasting area and increases the blast effectiveness. The reclaimer may be adjustable so that it works with different types and sizes of media.

  • Empire Safety Equipment

    We support our portable blasters and blast rooms with a complete line of modern safety equipment that protects operators and complies with OSHA when properly applied and maintained. All devices affecting breathing-air quality should be inspected and serviced regularly, particularly when a multi-purpose compressor is used to supply breathing air.